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Appreciation letters given by companies :

  • Letter of appreciation

    We, Tunisian branch of ECONOMIC AUTO company of MAZDA, are honored to send you this letter to express our appreciation for the learning system, the competence of teachers, and the organization of the administrative staff. Your efficiency has been proven through the improved level of our employees. Thank you Lingua Land.

    Hafedh FAYADHI, CFO
  • Letter of appreciation

    We, Société Tunisienne de Quincaillerie, would like to express our satisfaction with your teaching methods that contributed to improving the levels of our colleagues. Thank you.

    Société Tunisienne de Quincaillerie
    The general director
  • Letter of appreciation

    I , the undersigned Loukil Bassem CEO of Loukil group , express my appreciation for Lingua Land’s highly distinguished teaching system which has improved the level of my employees . Many thanks to all the members of Lingua Land for their Professionalism, dedication, and patience.

    Groupe LOUKIL
    Bassem LOUKIL, General Director of the group LOUKIL
  • Letter of appreciation

    I , the undersigned Mr. MAAROUF Aissa , member of the Treasury of STUSID Bank , want to thank Lingua Land for its distinguished teaching system and organized administrative staff . Both my English communicative skills and that of my other colleagues have considerably improved.

  • Letter of appreciation

    We, integrated training center of Arab Tunisia Bank, send this e-mail to express our satisfaction with our quality teaching resources which contributed to enhancing our employees language skills. Congradulations for your professionalism.

    ATB - Arab Tunisian Bank
    Abdelwahed GOUIDER - Administrative Department
  • Letter of appreciation

    I , the undersigned , Mr.BEN JEMIA Rachid , chairman of Comité Sport, Culture et Loisir COMAR et HAYETT , write you this letter to express my appreciation for your professionalism . Your educational system improved the language skills of my employees and even encouraged many others to join you.

    Rachid BEN JEMIA, President of COMAR committee
  • Letter of appreciation

    I , the undersigned , Mr TAMBOURA Zouhair , the Deputy of the general Director , write this letter to express my gratitude Vis-à-vis Lingua Land ‘s teaching system . Indeed, your system is so effective that the level of my employees improved notably. I also want to complement you for your professional and friendly atmosphere.

    ATL Leasing
    Zouhaier TAMBOURA, Deputy General Manager
  • Letter of appreciation

    I, the undersigned , MELLOULI Abdessatar from the Tunisian Company of Refining Industries , want to express my satisfaction with the quality of training my colleagues received in Lingua Land . The training was so useful that they wish to carry on studying more advanced levels. Thank you for your excellent services.

    MELLOULI Abdessatar, The Training Direction